About us


  • To transform B2B Commerce through Social Networking
  • To be the network orchestrator of social-enabled marketplaces for B2B communities and commerce.


  • To create industry specific hyper-connected B2B trading communities with zero friction around real-time discovery engagement and commerce.

Our story

For buyers and suppliers in B2B wholesale business industries, digital marketplaces are a hot topic. Digital marketplaces are a typically online environment accessed through a web browser or mobile application that allow buyers and suppliers to connect and conduct business virtually. Companies like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba have been changing the way B2C and B2B commerce is being done. The convergence of social networking and analytics with mobile devices and enterprise cloud is driving new trends in business-to-business e-commerce.

From our offices in Silicon Valley, Balluun is dedicated to bringing the versatility of cloud-to-mobile solutions to the traditional trade show and wholesale business experience. Trade shows partner with us to enhance their events before, during, and after the show. Our innovative digital marketplace platform enhances the traditional trade show, extending its impact to beyond the time spent on the showroom floor. Trade show operators can grow their revenue and become digital service providers. Buyers and sellers can build their networks and conduct trade through a trusted, digital marketplace anytime, anywhere.