Connecting the Right Buyers

Connecting the Right B2B Buyers with the Right Sellers 365 Days a Year.

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The Balluun platform helps trade show operators

The Balluun Platform helps Trade Show Operators build Competitive Advantage

  • Fast track launch your own branded B2B marketplace for the buyers & sellers in your industry
  • Augment your business by linking the face-to-face and digital as a single self reinforcing platform
  • Create value for your customer 24/7 all year round
  • Gain unique insights on all interactions between buyers & suppliers to match the right buyers with the right sellers
Grow your Business

Grow your Business

Create value

Create Value for your Customers

One Platform linking

One Platform linking Face-to-Face & Digital

Our Customers Success Stories

Our Customers Success Stories

Some of the best trade show organizers / industry associations use Balluun to take their business to the next level and create even more value for their customers. Learn the stories behind their success.

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Our Customers Success Stories

The changing World of B2B Buyers & Sellers

The changing World of B2B Buyers & Sellers

The B2B Buyer journey has changed forever as buyers have gone online / mobile in a social first context.
Sellers need to fish where the fish are!

I am a modern buyer

I am a modern seller

Balluun expands to Asia - Hong Kong Office now open!

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post 23.09.2017

Why All the Buzz About Social Selling?
 (It's what Trade Shows Have Done Forever!)

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post 27.07.2017

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